Faux Fur Poncho Pattern

This faux fur yarn takes a bit of patience as you cannot see the stitches and you will need to be feeling for them. But please don’t let this put you off, I really think you should give it a go for the lovely garment you’ll end up with, also because it’s a super chunky yarn and a 10mm hook it does work up quite quickly.  I had to keep a tally of the rows but I also worked out how to count (feel for) the rows if I did get carried away with my crocheting and forgot to mark my rows off! I also, through lots of trail and error and lots of frogging, found that counting my sticthes as I go on every other row kept the stitch count correct. Believe me I got complacent and didn’t count stitches because I just wanted to get it made and 15 rows in I thought I’d recount the stitches and I was on 27 stitches (!!!! aaaahhh, noooooo)  an extra 2 stitches, cue me ripping it back until the stitch count was 25 again, that ended up being back to the beginning! Lesson well and truly learned, so keep count.

I have filmed the tutorial for the single crochet foundation row (SCFR) bit for anyone starting this way, alternatively you can just chain and SC the first row, which I did on the first panel but found it harder on the second panel so I tried the SC foundation row and that was easier. This poncho is a simple construct of two rectangle panels that are sewn together, my YouTube video shows how to sew the rectangles together and I’ve also put a diagram below on where to sew.

This looks and feels very luxurious and is a fab item to  add to your autumn/winter wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down, great with a light leather jacket underneath to see you through autumn with some jeans or dressed up and over you outfit on those nights out. I made this for my Mum and I hope she gets plenty of wear out of it. I made her a cowl from this yarn last year and she wears it often.

What you need:

  • 6 x 100g balls of James C Brett Chinchilla yarn
  • 10mm crochet hook
  • large eyed needle
  • scissors


I use US terms, but will put UK terms in ( )

CH = chain

SC (DC) =Single Crochet (double crochet)

SCFR = Single crochet foundation row

DC (TC) = double crochet (treble crochet)

ST = stitch

ST SP = Stitch space

*the starting CH on every row doesn’t count as a ST. You must crochet into the 1st ST.

Foundation row:

Two ways you could begin: either;

  • CH26, SC in the 2nd CH from hook, SC in following 24 CH’s. CH2 turn. (total 25st’s)



  •  SCFR (single crochet foundation row) 25. Turn.

Now you have your foundation row it’s just DC all the way to the 2nd before last row.

Row 1:  CH2, DC in the 1st ST, and in every ST SP to the end (total 25 ST’s). Turn.

Row 2 – 32:  repeat row 2.

Row 33: CH1, SC in all 25 ST’s.  To finish, Cut yarn and secure with a knot/tighten.

Repeat the above process so you then have two rectangles. My video shows you have to join or the chart below can too.

faux fur poncho6



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