Dr Who Inspired Scarf

DrWho6I recently made a DR Who ‘Inspired’ scarf for my friends Partner for his birthday, he is a Dr Who fan. There are many resources and patterns out there and I thoroughly appreciate the work these people put into their patterns. I’m not a Dr Who fan, but while  researching I wanted to know all the scarves for all the seasons that were made then I started to feel that I was going down the rabbit hole that would definitely consume too much of my time so this is as far as I’m going for now, ha ha.DrWho4

My scarf is a lot shorter than the original, I wanted it to be practical and to be used everyday in the colder months, the original pattern ends up being around 264cm long x 26cm wide, by my calculations. Mine ends up 195cm long x 27cm wide. This is a crochet pattern, the original is knitted. There is some great patterns out there already and they are great for fans wanting replica’s of the originals.

Sandie Petit has some amazing Dr Who crochet patterns and I suggest going over to her page and having a look at  Dr Who Crochet Scarf Crochet Pattern.   DrWho3

The other resources I used were these other two websites and I recommend checking these out too. BBC Dr Who Scarf Pattern Original Note  – this one has an upload of one of the original knitting pattern instructions that the BBC sent out, I used this to create my pattern in crochet. And check out this link too Dr Whoscarf.com   as this is very informative.

DrWho1My scarf is NOT a true Dr Who copy, I have followed the colour scheme of one of the seasons, but not the same colour block lengths. If you want an exact replica, that you can crochet, of one of the scarves from this memo (Knitting Instructions from BBC ) then go to Sandie’s page and look under Scarf’s or go straight to this link for the instructions. I worked it out myself and now looking over Sandie’s pattern they’re identical, so go and check Sandie’s out.


What you need:

All Stylecraft Special DK 100g balls:

  • 1 x Mocha
  • 1 x Graphite
  • 1 x Khaki
  • 1 x Burgundy
  • 1 x Copper
  • 1 x Camel
  • 1 x Mustard
  • 4mm crochet hook.
  • Darning/tapestry needle (for sewing in ends)
  • Scissors


~ Starting with Burgundy CH46, SC in 2nd CH from hook then SC in remaining CH’s, CH1 and turn. (45 SC) This 1st row counts towards your 4 rows in the Burgundy, so tally off your 1st row.

~Every row is the same SC45, CH1 and turn (or you can turn then CH1 at the end of each row, it’s completely up to you). I will now give the rows and colours that I did, I have given you a table, you can print this off and tally off the rows as you go.

Colour Rows Row Counter
Burgundy 4
Camel 26
Mocha 8
Mustard 5
Copper 11
Burgundy 4
Khaki 10
Mustard 4
Camel 14
Copper 7
Mocha 4
Burgundy 5
Khaki 21
Mustard 4
Graphite 8
Copper 4
Camel 11
Burgundy 7
Khaki 3
Mustard 15
Copper 5
Burgundy 12
Mocha 17
Camel 4
Graphite 5
Copper 9
Mustard 11
Khaki 4
Burgundy 3
Camel 11
Mocha 5
Graphite 7
Copper 4
Burgundy 7
Camel 3
Mustard 6
Khaki 17
Copper 4
Graphite 8
Mustard 3
Mocha 15
Burgundy 6
Camel 6
Graphite 5
Copper 2
Mustard 5

DrWho7Now for the tassels, I gave these 7 tassels on each end with each of the 7 seven colurs used. Because the stitch count couldn’t be divided equally between 7 I put tassels on the 1st ST, then the 7th ST space for 2 more tassels, the next 2 tassels were placed on every 8th ST space then every 7th St space for next 2 tassels, then the 8th ST space for the last tassel.

It’s not overly important to be spot on, but it looks pretty even like this. The tassels can be as short or as long as you wish. Or leave the tassels all together, you could also join either end to create an Infinity Scarf.

DrWho8That’s it! I hope this was helpful or any of the links were helpful. If you do make this scarf please and upload to Instagram I would love to see it, you could use the hashtag #knotsewshorty . 




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