Welcome and hello!

Hello, this is my first post and I will introduce myself. I am Anita Short, I love to crochet, knit and sew. I mainly crochet and sew, I call myself a novice knitter, maybe I’m an intermediate but I wouldn’t wish to oversell my skills at this point. My Mum taught me to sew from about the age of 9 or 10, she is an amazing seamstress and has spent many years sewing for others, I’m hoping to get some of her creations in my shop or set her up on her own. I’d love to work with my Mum.

My dear Nan {my Mum’s mother} taught me to knit from about 9 or 10 years old, and I’ve also been a basic knitter, don’t get me wrong though, I know how to and I’ve knit up shawls and socks without patterns, but I am in awe of a lot of knitters on Instagram and the web who know so much and do all the beautiful stitches. I feel the same in my  crochet and sewing abilities, I believe there’s always room for improvement and I’ll always be learning. Sadly My Nan, Nanny Kathy we called her, passed away in 2013 from cancer. I miss her and not being able to share what I’ve made with her breaks my heart, you want to show the people who were there in the beginning, the ones who taught you, that you are doing it. She did get to see the crochet stuff I was making and she complimented me, it meant a lot to me to get her seal of approval. The same happens when I show my Mum anything I’ve sewn, plus they can give you advice from their years of experience too.

I taught myself, well I kind of don’t like that term “I’m self taught” or “I taught myself” I learned from YouTube how to crochet. Self taught doesn’t seem right when I had teachers, they had video’s that I used. I never picked up a yarn and hook and knew just what to do with it, but then I never had anyone around me who crocheted and I saw it on the internet one day, I needed a hobby that I could do around raising my 3 boys who were 9, 7 & 5 at the time. I didn’t have enough time to paint or draw and getting my sewing machine was too much fuss


back then. I had enough to do, but a simple hook and a ball of yarn was easy to access and it got my creative juices flowing and I could pick it up and put down without any fuss. It was the perfect outlet at the time and I also quit smoking then too.

My aim for this website is to share information, sell some of my items and design patterns, some I’d love to give away for free. I’m also learning to write down my patterns as I’ve not really made much from patterns in all the nearly ten years I’ve been crocheting. I just crochet from my head {heart also if we want to get deeper} and make tonnes, and I mean TONNES, of mistakes but all those mistakes I learned from, well 99% 95% 90%! I am learning all the terminology for crochet.  I may also make YouTube tutorials on my patterns for people, like myself,  who are visual learners. I’m looking forward to putting out patterns and if they are liked then seeing others put their own spin on it.

Cheerio for now, take care.


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